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As a Scottish wedding and commercial videographer, I started QS Digital Video in 2014.  However, my love for the moving image began many years ago when I was gifted a Super 8 cine camera as a young boy. I went straight out and began planning and shooting movies with my friends, took it abroad to document holidays, and even captured Bjorn Borg at Wimbledon, winning his 3rd consecutive men’s title!

Then when video cameras arrived, I could begin to stretch my creative wings, even if it meant carrying a VHS pack over one shoulder and a heavy camera connected by a cable. To enhance my skills, I undertook tuition at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. After this, I was shooting the weddings of friends and family purely for the joy of creating a unique record of a couple’s big day.

Wedding Videographer

If you look into the distant past, you’ll discover I have been a wedding videographer far longer than the history of QS Digital Video.  However, for almost a decade, I have been commercially shooting weddings in Inverness, the Highlands, Moray, Angus and Aberdeenshire. On a shoot, my intention is to be the ‘invisible man’ and not be noticed as I work empathetically at the wedding venue. The greatest compliment I am paid as a wedding videographer is being told, “We hardly saw you all day!”

Shooting in a reportage style, my objective is to faithfully document the day, offering the couple a unique pair of eyes in the form of my camera lens to show them aspects of their day that they simply didn’t see, plus the key moments such as the ceremony and speeches that they did!

One option a couple has is to have the story of their day starting from the morning preparations, frequently focusing on the bride – hair, nails and make-up – but can also include their fiancé’s preparations. I’ve filmed same-sex ceremonies and can visit each party on the morning of the wedding, subject to the specific logistics of the day. Couples from the LGBTQI+ community are warmly welcomed. The other is to begin with the sights and sounds of their guests arriving, finishing with the first dance and a busy dance floor.

Commercial Videography

Commercial videography has followed, and I have shot and edited a raft of content for local companies that have appeared on social media and clients’ dedicated websites. I am frequently heavily involved in the creative concept for the final video and look forward to the challenge of each-and-every corporate project.

Live events such as dance shows and charity runs have all been captured in crystal-clear HD, and now all content since 2021 is shot and delivered in sumptuous 4K.

So, whether you need a priceless record of your wedding day, or your business is a charity or a commercial venture, I’d be thrilled to hear from you.

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